Our Guarantee

We are very proud of our offspring and our name. Many breeders will only replace a puppy if you return the original bought puppy. We don't believe that you would want to return your beloved pet. We select each breeding very carefully to ensure healthy offspring. If your puppy does not OFA certify or has any other health defect covered within our puppy contract we will replace the pup and either let you return the original bought pup or keep it. In the instance that a health defect does occur, we do reserve the right to require the buyer at their expense to spay/neuter the dog to maintain the quality of the breed if they choose to keep the dog. We have invested a lot of love, time and money into these dogs/puppies and ensuring the quality of the breed. We want to keep the reputation of having healthy, sound minded dogs/puppies with superior temperaments.

We require contracts on every sale that we do. This is for your protection as well as ours. It is not our intention to offend the buyer by doing this. If this does, then we might not be the breeder for you.

We want everyone to be 100% satisfied !

**Notice: If you see similarities in our contract, the fact is that you will and should. Many of us who breed German Shepherd dogs value the same core qualities and that's great! This only means we have the same mindset as others, and we all care about the health and welfare of our dogs/puppies and the maintaining of the quality of the German Shepherd Breed.**

Puppy Contract: pdf

Contracts on older dogs are specialized based on the dog/bitch and the terms of the sale. Since they can be so unique, they are not available for review on our website. Should you purchase an older dog from us, you will be sent a contract based on our verbal discussions about the sale. Once both parties sign the agreed upon contract and monies are paid, then the transfer of the dog/bitch will occur. Depending on the age of the dog/bitch, a guarantee may or may not be included.